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Nov 1, 2009 11:00am EST
and the other is that jesus isn't just for christians in the united states, christians love jesus but so do buddhists and jews and hindus and people without any religion whatsoever. >> the jesus image is multiadaptble bause we are a 3489 religious nation. >> that's right, we're a multireligious nation but also a christian nation where 80% or so of the country are christians and they put jesus on the national agenda and then people of all different religions and without any at all respond to that figure. >> why did thomas jefferson become consumed with revising the bible by omitting a lot of it in his own text of the bible as you began your book with? >> well, presumably it's not because he didn't have anything else to do, i mean, he was a pretty busy guy in the white house but he ordered a couple books from england, a couple bibles and he sat there in the white house and he cut and pasted and took out the miracles and took out the resurrection. he believed jesus was a good guy, he believed he was one of the most important philosophers ever but he didn't like christianity and he was able to
Nov 29, 2009 11:00am EST
to get electricity available throughout the massive grid of the united states and the world? >> well, he got a young boy from england. >> what was his name. >> samuel insul. nobody has heard of him. mae chicago, he got off the boat having been sea sick and was immediately set to work to find money to build the general electricity manufacturing company. he founded 10 years later in chicago with a tiny, tiny power station, you know what he dos? he build it to be a huge power station then he says how am i going to sell the electricity. easy give it away. so he gives away most of the electricity except at peak times for the street car he charge as lot. he introduces cheap electricity so far 60 years, electricity prices fall until he came along, edison's electricity was only for the rich. for restaurants, hotels and people like j.p.morgue arch so samuel. here is the tragedy. having done all that in the great depression he pace for the fire brigade, he pace for the police forces in chicago, but he gets framed by wall street and the media and he has to flee the country. when he comes back he st
Nov 15, 2009 11:00am EST
the germans would develop the bomb and then e united states would have no way of defending itself. >> did roosevelt have him in for dinne"? >> he had him to the white house, yeah. >> he was at the white house, not on that occasion. >> with wives? >> yes. it was soon after he came in 1933 and elsa was with him. >> wasn't there an invitation that ein sign that who? so he wouldn't go to the white house? >>yeah. >> why wouldn't@he want him to go to the white hoe? >> he was going to lack after einstein like a mother hen? >> was it as simple as tha$? >> no. >> no? >> i think it was@also he's afraid of einstein's one of the things that we admire so much about him that he spoke his mine. i think flecksner was worried about that, also. the atomic bo? i think one thing that should be de clear -- >> was he the catalyst of the atomic bomb? >> he really didn't know much about nuclear physics. he didn't know much about the subatomic particles. >> he discovered them. >> no, he discovered the at tom. he discovered the mechanics of the at tom. >> and molecules. >> that's right. but i@mean, that's a comple
Nov 22, 2009 11:00am EST
. he worked with the united states navy, did he not? >> he did. he already had given up pacifism for a period of time, realizing hitler was unstoppable and had to be met with by force of arms. >> alice, what about his oddogy, he wore no socks a lot, correct? >> this may be due to the fact he had sweaty feet, which is one of the reasons he was excluded from the swiss army. >> but then he would need socks. >> you can argue the exact opposite of that. he may have found they were heat producers. we'll have to live with that mystery. >> i suppose. >> is this true, it is said that husband of his time, he had no time to he had no time to have his haircut. he was not willing to expand that kind of time? >> i think he didn't think it was important enough. >> he was completely uninterested in material things. that follows also from what you read as part of the things he believed in. materialism, the questions of dress were -- he made fun of it in berlin when he was in high society. he made fun of the need to strut around like a peacock. so that was something that he didn't like. >>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4